He stills the Storm

The little boat, confident and sturdy,

Devoid of cares chopped on by

On the waves of the sapphire sea

As sheep clouds frolicked in the blue sky.

I stood at the helm taking in the sight,

Breathing the air tinged with fresh sea,

Beholding the sky dotted with clouds so white,

But I knew not of the storm to be.

In the blink of an eye,

Giant thunderclouds swam over me

Casting their dark fingers over the sky

and a spear of fear through me.

The sea defiantly rose to life

Challenging the frowning Nimbus,

which pelted the sea with a silver knife,

As the roaring waves protested in a rumpus.

And I was caught in its midst –

Like a twig in a thunderstorm,

Tossed to and fro in Nature’s blitz

Without hope of another morn.

In sheer terror, I let out a helpless cry,

as the dark waters filled the little vessel,

“Lord, save me, lest I die!

Rescue me from this deadly peril!”

The Lord Jesus arose and spoke, “Peace. Be Still”

…The roaring sea fell silent.

The winds bowed in a hushed whisper.

The clamorous din grew quiet.

My thumping heart felt a calm.

My soul, devoid of all alarm,

Felt a sweet and deep tranquillity,

As I knew He had stilled the storm inside me.

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