This Love Divine

The sin birthed in Eden’s garden –
From it all, He bought our pardon.
Jesus paid in full the hefty price
And freed me from ungodly ties.

Because of His boundless love,
He stepped down from above.
For me, He left His Heavenly throne
And came to suffer on earth alone

On the cross, He took my shame,
He took my sin and my blame.
And every drop of His blood
Ran from Him like a flood.

He was brutally scourged and scorned,
Beaten, bruised, mocked and torn.
He endured bitter gall and thirst;
He was reviled, pierced and cursed.

My sin nailed Him to the tree;
He took it all so I could be free.
With His blood, I was bought
And all my sins were turned to naught.

But His thoughts were of me
As He hung from the tree.
This love I cannot comprehend;
This Divine Love which has no end.

Are you searching for true love?
Something this world cannot endow?
Look to the cross, there you will find
The purest love, with His own blood signed!

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