Robed in varying hues of blue
The sky brings its praise offering anew
To the God who commands the clouds to burst in tune,
To water the earth out of His marvellous bounty.

Be it rain or shine,
All things are commanded by our God divine.
Oh, How wonderful ’tis to see
God’s creation that births in us much glee.

At His behest, The heavens sing for joy
As the floodgates are thrown open for the earth to enjoy.
The gentle primrose smiles with delight,
As it revels in the cool showers on a summer night.

The Lord God uttered His Word
Which the once formless earth heard.
Thus, the world met the morn
And Lo, everything was born.

The Great Lord who painted the vast skies
Fashioned, in this world, our precious lives.
We are, in His Hands, mere clay,
As He moulds us anew each day.

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