The Parallel

Do you believe the sky is the sea?
Have you ever observed waves in the sky?
Have you ever watched the sky cavort with its winged visitors?
Have you ever seen the sky and the sea mirror each other?

The great azure boasts of cotton cloud tufts, its dwellers
And fearless flying creatures, its many guests.
Rolling eddies in the vast expanse
Dare the winged travelers to surf their crests.

The valiant eagle rises from the mountain-tops
And skims the billows of the firmament,
Like a surfer at home in the raging sea.
The flying fowl pirouettes over the mighty clouds
To the unheard tune of the rolling zephyr.

In the watery depths, the majestic whale awakens
And rises to break the surface with a gargantuan blow.
It momentarily dances with the air
And delves into the waters in a grand jeté.

Soon the boundless empyrean burns scarlet
At the approach of the eventide,
The setting Sun sheds its last rays
On the eagle still waltzing with the waves of the skies
And the cetacean still frolicking with the breakers of the ocean.

As the night sky illumines itself with celestial starlight
The kaleidoscopic sea stars laze in the ocean beneath.
As the Northern Lights deck the dark sky,
The ocean scintillates with phosphorescent waves.
And so the sea and the sky mirror each other relentlessly – An infinite parallel.

Image sourced from Discover magazine

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