The Sculpture

The wrath of the fiery flame
Brings forth the rock igneous.
Molten by the feverish heat,
Cradled in the lap of Mother magma,
And crafted by the fingers of the deep,
The rock birthed in the bowels of the earth,
Rises to the surface by volcanic splendour!

The Frameless Stone takes shape
With every blow from the tool of the sculptor;
Unseeing eyes at its author gape
As he brings physique to the formless boulder.
Chiseled features arise – Lips, nose and blind eyes;
Before long a lifeless statue formed of rock
Stands fixated before its artful creator.


Note: Igneous Rocks are formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava. Granite (Intrusive) and Basalt (Extrusive) are excellent examples of Igneous rocks that are used to make sculptures.

Source: Information from Class 8 Geography! Image sourced from National Geographic.

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