When you are steeped in sorrow,

Sure that there’s no morrow,

Remember that our omnipotent Creator

Can turn any problem into mere vapour.

When you are down and forlorn,

Unable to face the morn,

Be reminded that our God

Can change anything just by His Word.

When you feel the end is near

And you have lost all cheer.

God reminds us, ‘Do not worry,

Your problems all will scurry’

When you feel extinguished

Tormented and anguished,

Sure that all hope is lost,

Be reminded that God loves us the most.

When you are on the verge

Of just giving everything up,

God is there to urge us

To hope in Him and just look up.

When you have been let down

And all you have is a frown,

Remember Jesus still holds your hand

As He takes you to the promised land.

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